Ironroot Republic Distillery Visit

NTSS visited Ironroot Republic Distillery in Denison, TX for a tour and tasting.  We were hosted by one of the Likarish brothers, Robert, and his mother, Marcia.  Robert walked us through the whisky distilling process with their beautiful custom-built Vendome pot still, then showed us their smaller pot still and Kothe batch column still.  While touring the barrel room, we tasted an experimental light-whiskey aged in a barrel that previously held a batch of their own Promethian Bourbon and learned about the several varieties of heirloom corn employed in their whiskey mash.

Once the tour was done, it was time to sample each of their whiskies.  We started with their 103º Promethian Bourbon, then moved on to their latest batch of their cask-strength bourbon, Harbinger, which was released at the distillery on Saturday, June 3rd and will hit store shelves this coming week. Finally, we were treated to an experimental offering that they call Icarus, which is their corn whiskey, Huburis, finished in port and peated casks.  Icarus was a big hit with everyone and Robert indicated that a release was being planned for next year due to the success of the experiment.  We can’t wait to get some!

Finally, we topped off the evening visiting at the distillery bar, which hosts a Bloody Mary Bar every first Saturday of the month.  Robert and Marcia served samples of their vodka, gin, moonshine and filled orders for Bloody Mary’s and Iced Toddy’s while we visited further and pummeled them with all of our questions (we are a curious bunch!).

NTSS Members with Robert and Marcia Likarish at the Ironroot Republic Distillery Bar.

NTSS would like to formally thank the Likarish family for extending an invitation to us and for their amazing hospitality!  We’re big fans of theirs now and look forward to visiting them in the future and enjoying their current and future release!

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